The Dirty Business of “Clean Coal”

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Nearly 50% of energy in the U.S. comes from coal, and now many industry propagandists are touting the benefits of a “cleaner” way of using this controversial fossil fuel. Check out the fascinating new documentary Dirty Business which explores the murky realities of “clean coal.”

In the digital age, half our electricity still comes from coal. Dirty Business reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and tells the stories of innovators who are pointing the way to an alternative energy future. Guided by Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell, the film examines what it means to remain dependent on a 19th century technology that is the largest single source of greenhouse gases. Can coal really be made clean? Can renewable energy be produced on a scale large enough to replace coal? The film seeks answers in a series of stories shot in China, Saskatchewan, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada and New York.

Request a screening in your area and make sure to watch out for a star appearance by RAN’s very own Rebecca Tarbotton, as she takes Citibank to task over their investments in the coal industry.

RAN's Rebecca Tarbotton in the new film Dirty Business