The Bad Egg in the Box

Candymaker Ferrero’s US supply chain for palm oil is linked to some of the worst rainforest destroyers

By Maggie Martin

For a decade Ferrero has taken action to address its palm oil problem but now at this critical time for forests, communities, and climate, Ferrero has taken a step back and fallen behind.

Ferrero’s US acquisitions are not using 100% certified palm oil and they haven’t disclosed a mill list for its Kellogg acquisition including Girl Scout Cookies made by Little Brownie Bakers.

The Italy-based candymaker is now linked to some of the worst companies violating human rights and destroying forests, and they don’t have a goal for when they will clean up their US supply chains.

Global candymaker Ferrero has fallen behind when it comes to dealing with their problematic palm oil supply chain.

Ferrero doesn’t have a cross-commodity No Deforestation, Peatland Development and Exploitation (NDPE) policy and is under scrutiny for exploitation and/or deforestation linked to hazelnuts and cocoa in addition to palm oil.

We know you want to take pride in the place you work and we all want to enjoy sweet treats without worrying that we are contributing to climate change, human rights abuses, and deforestation. 

Can you help push Ferrero in the right direction by bringing this issue up within your team or office?