Stand Up to the Keystone XL Corporate Bosses

posted by scott parkin

Right now I am in Houston where people are peacefully sitting-in at the US headquarters of TransCanada. The company—which is responsible for the Keystone XL pipeline—only cares about its bottom line, not the disastrous impacts the pipeline will have on landowners, water, climate and communities living near tar sands mines and refineries.

The pipeline must be stopped, that’s why protesters are disrupting business as usual in Houston.

Will you amplify the efforts of these brave protestors by tying up TransCanada’s phone lines and sending a loud and clear message?

nokxl houston action_550px

Call Transcanada’s inquiry line, (800) 608-7859. right now with a respectful message: I oppose the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

You can use these talking points on the call:

  • I oppose the Keystone XL pipeline because it will spill dirty tar sands oil into our water supply and soil, and cook our climate.
  • I oppose the Keystone XL pipeline because its pollution will harm communities from Alberta to those near refinery sites in Houston.
  • I oppose the Keystone XL pipeline because it will only serve to line the pockets of TransCanada’s CEO Russ Girling while landowners from Texas on up to the Canadian border will pay the price for TransCanada’s greed.

After you call, tell us how it went by filling out a short survey. We’ll use your story to keep up the pressure on TransCanada and President Obama.

The protesters today are among 75,000 people who have signed the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance to risk arrest in peaceful, dignified acts of civil disobedience demanding President Obama stop the pipeline. Rainforest Action Network, along with our partners at CREDO and The Other 98%, will continue to mobilize pledge signers in every corner of the country until the pipeline is rejected.