Rising Tide Bay Area: “Bank of America, Where’s Your Heart?”

posted by scott parkin

On Valentine’s Day in San Francisco’s tourist packed Union Square shopping district, over 25 climate activists descended on Bank of America to close their accounts and ask the banking giant “Where’s Your Heart?” In it’s inaugural action, Rising Tide Bay Area (RTBA) connected environmental justice and economic justice issues by protesting the Bank’s continued unjust foreclosures and evictions of working families and its funding of mountaintop removal coal mining.


“By funding mountain top removal mining, the Bank is destroying American communities throughout Appalachia. The recent coal-ash spill in Tennessee vividly illustrates the devastation caused by coal mining,” according to Matt Leonard, a RTBA member.

Activists served the Bank a foreclosure notice for “failing to pay its social and environmental debts”. Activists closed their accounts with Bank of America (pulling out over $10k in San Francisco alone) and encouraging others to do the same.

The Break Ups were part of a national day of action against Bank of America organized by Rising Tide North America.