Baltimore Rising Tide Breaks Up with Constellation Energy over Coal Connections

posted by scott parkin

Today, February 13th, 2009, Baltimore Rising Tide confronts Constellation Energy about their connections to coal and threaten to “break-up” with the company unless they begin to explore local and sustainable energy solutions.

Baltimore Rising Tide, a local environmental group confronting the root causes of climate change, surprised employees at the Constellation Energy building on Pratt Street, Friday morning, February 13th with hundred of valentines being distributed.

The group handed out Valentine’s to the employees entering the building with messages such as “kiss coal goodbye,” “coal breaks my heart,” and “clean energy make the best Valentines.” Serious letters exposing Constellation Energy’s use of coal also accompanied these lighthearted Valentines. Two members of the group entered the office disguised as singing minstrels and interrupted the workers with a song about the effects of coal and the actions of Constellation Energy. The pair sang to multiple offices before leaving.

Constellation Energy and its subsidiaries contribute to climate change; pound for pound coal produces more CO2 than any other form of energy production. Through coal extraction and mountain top removal in Appalachia, Constellation Energy causes the destruction of mountains, displacement of communities, and contamination of water.

“Constellation Energy’s use of coal and dirty energy shows their complete blatant disregard for anything but increasing their own profit and wreaking havoc in the communities of thousands across our nation,” says Eli Feasley a Baltimore Rising Tide member.

Baltimore Rising Tide finds the use of coal power to be completely unacceptable and demands that Constellation energy cut all its ties to coal.