REVEL in San Francisco on October 15th – Join Us!

posted by Branden Ran

For years now RAN has set the bar for annual environmental fundraising celebrations.  And this year’s event, on October 15th will be no exception!

REVEL: The Art of Activism is indeed a party “so fun it should be illegal” – “don’t miss it for the world!”

My first REVEL was a few years back, and I was completely swept off my feet. Great people, program and party – though the highlight for me was seeing the late, and very great, Dame Anita Roddick inspire folks from the stage to take up the challenge to support RAN’s efforts to protect the world’s remaining forests. What an amazing person she was, what an amazing legacy she left us.

And being there when Australian Greens Senator, Bob Brown, brought the house down with his passionate call to arms in defense of the world’s forests was wonderful! And Dr. Vandana Shiva was also incredible…reminding us that our “Earth is not for sale.” And ex-Economic Hitman and shamanic ambassador, John Perkins, reminded all of us of the role the international financial institutions play in the continued plundering of our forests, putting profits before people, and how important is the work of RAN.

Of course, many folks simply remember the GREAT PARTY that we had – with music and dancing and great food and drink.

The next year was awesome! Amazing line up of honorees including visionary eco-entrepreneur Paul Hawken, Coal Activist and Organizer from Appalachia, Maria Gunnoe, and filmmaker Stuart Townsend, who set history right with his film about the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle in Battle in Seattle. We had an out of control concert by Bob Weir – who chose REVEL as the venue to celebrate his 60th birthday – with his band, Rat Dog, as well as Tea Leaf Green, Harper Simon and Sean Lennon. What a night!

And last year was amazing! Great honorees: Doug and Kris Tompkins of the Foundation for Deep Ecology and the Patagonia Land Trust, as well as Brazilian ex-Minister for the Environment, Marina Silva and magical musician, Jack Johnson. We pulled out all the stops and had a rager all over again – and still managed to inspire everyone who came with the great work that’s going on – and the great community that makes it possible. Check out the photos here.

REVEL is a little different each year, but always that same great party.

This year we are holding it at the Bently Reserve – not too far from RAN HQ – and will be honouring representatives from The Assembly of Affected Communities – accepted by Emergildo Criollo & Humberto Piaguaje Indigenous Ecuadorean activists fighting against corporate behemoth, Chevron.

We will also be honoring our friends, Bill & Lynne Twist global visionaries of equity and sustainability for all, founders of The Pachamama Alliance.

So come out for this great night – where you can enjoy artisan cocktails, organic wines, local microbrews, delicious desserts, a tempting raffle, bidding in the fabulous silent auction, the World Rainforest Awards to honor some of the planet’s inspiring visionaries and activists, a raging dance party and late-night nibbles!

I hope to see you there. You can get tickets here.