Psssst, JP Morgan Chase- Coal is Dirty!


JP Morgan Chase bank, based in New York City, is living in the past. While they have a fancy new advertising campaign, that most of us have undoubtedly seen in the past few months, JP Morgan Chase still invests hundreds of millions of dollars into coal each year – reflecting an antiquated and highly destructive energy portfolio that is contributing to global warming, affecting the health of people living near coal plants and mine sites, and destroying mountains in Appalachia.

MTR in Charleston WV 010 -smaller

JP Morgan Chase has survived the past year of turmoil in the financial sector and is now one of the strongest and largest financial institutions in the United States. But while JP Morgan Chase is a leader in the financial sector, they are no leader for the environment. JP Morgan Chase is one of the largest financiers of new coal fired power plants as well as mountaintop removal coal mining. In fact, JP Morgan Chase is one of a very few banks who are willing to finance Massey Energy – one of the most destructive and devastating MTR companies in Appalachia. Its time for JP Morgan Chase to show leadership and to stop their investments in MTR and new coal plants – now!

RAN activists in New York are working with the Sierra Club, the New York Action Network, New York PIRG, and the Waterkeeper Alliance to tell JP Morgan Chase to stop financing dirty coal – join us! If you live near New York City, contact Jeremy to get involved with weekly actions targeting JP Morgan Chase in their home city.

See you in the streets!