The Yes Men Want YOU to Get Arrested to Stop Climate Change

By Josh Ran

The Yes Men – the same folks who have posed as corporate and government hacks to announce Dow’s apology for the Bhopal chemical spill and to admit the failure of HUD’s reconstruction efforts in New Orleans – have just launched a new website as part of a national climate justice nonviolent civil disobedience pledge campaign.


The goal of the website is to create an international network of people willing to commit civil disobedience to prevent climate change. And given that the Mobilization for Climate Justice – which will coincide with the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen – is happening five months from today, now is the time to get involved in taking direct action to stop climate change.

Sign up today! (And if civil disobedience isn’t really your thing, you can always help out by buying an action offset to help other people get trained, or pay bail.)