PNC: Are You In This For The Long Run?

posted by Rainforest Action Network

EQAT protestOur friends at the Earth Quaker Action Team in Philadelphia staged a marathon-themed protest at PNC bank last month, shortly after the bank announced a public policy on financing mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR).

Like RAN, EQAT felt this was a positive move, but that PNC needs to go further and completely pull their financing of these companies.

Here’s what the EQAT team had to say about their protest:

We had a wonderful action in Philadelphia with over 40 in attendance, Quaker and non-Quaker.  Swarthmore students put on a rousing performance of street theater outside the Environmental Protection Agency  (You can see “Federal EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson” preparing to tear up coal mining permits in the pictures!), and then EQAT went to PNC — as a team of marathon runners — to celebrate our victory, commend the bank on taking a “first step”, and to push them to pull financing from all MTR.

We were barred from entry to the bank, because the Head of Security mentioned that “they had already had a little trouble in Washington, D.C.” and that they “didn’t want that happening here” — proof of the power of our actions at Appalachia Rising!

After our victory lap, The Head of Security accepted about 30 runners’ marathon numbers — as personal pledges to support PNC in “going the distance” to end mountaintop removal, and commitments to use non-violent direct action if PNC doesn’t bank with integrity.”

The original post can be found here on the EQAT blog