Looking Ahead: Eight Priorities to guide us in 2022

We’ve just started the new year, but already the clock is ticking… LOUDLY. That’s because according to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we only have until 2030 to…

protest with banner chase defund climate change

Why are banks and investors still funding Indofood?

This month, 10 banks committed another $2.1 billion in loans to Indonesian noodle giant, Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur – whose instant noodles rely on Conflict Palm Oil produced by its…

Fire Season: An Annual Emergency

Fire season grows longer and deadlier every year, and it’s proving to be an annual emergency. The climate crisis is here. So why are corporations intentionally burning tropical rainforests? We’re calling out the banks, brands and businesses driving this destruction.

felled trees and fire

The Money Behind the Big Business of Burning

Tropical forests do not burn by themselves — Big Agribusiness is setting the fires intentionally, as it’s the cheapest way to clear new land for palm oil, pulp and paper, soy, and beef. But they need the cash from the world’s mega banks and investors like fire needs oxygen — to defend our forests we need to defund the fires.

Who’s Funding Forest Destruction?

Half the people in the world have bank accounts — but what are the banks doing with all that cash? Banks have been financing fossil fuels for decades, but most people don’t realize that they’re also bankrolling forest destruction. Their dollars are literally fueling the clear cutting of the world’s rainforests for palm oil, pulp and paper, soy and beef. That’s why we must stop the funding of forest destruction.

Citigroup Announces New Coal Policy; Climate Advocates Respond

Rainforest Action Network, Indigenous Environmental Network and Amazon Watch issue statements San Francisco– Ahead of its 2020 Annual General Meeting, taking place tomorrow, Citigroup has published an updated version of…

SMBC Misses Critical Opportunity to be a Climate Leader

SMBC’s New Climate Policy Falls Well Short of Mizuho’s All Eyes Now on Largest Bank MUFG Tokyo – Today, Japan’s third-largest bank – Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMBC Group, TYO:…