OfficeMax: Support the Moratorium in Grassy Narrows!

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Reports from activists about their OfficeMax and Grand & Toy protests today are trickling in. It was a frigid and blustery day for a day of action, but people came out in force to demand that OfficeMax and Grand & Toy publicly support a moratorium in Grassy Narrows.

In Milwaukee, activists braved -3 degree Fahrenheit temperatures to pay a visit to their local OfficeMax. After flyering both inside of the store, and right outside the main entrance (and getting kicked out of both locations) they took this picture of themselves: milwaukee-omx-1-30-08.jpg The shot is blurry, but wouldn’t any picture be blurry if your snapshot-taking finger was frozen solid?

In Seattle, RAN activists visited OfficeMax’s location near the University of Washington campus. We held a banner outside of the store, on the very busy intersection where OfficeMax is located. We talked to many passers-by and encouraged people to tell OfficeMax employees that they wish OfficeMax would publicly support the moratorium in Grassy Narrows. We got a great response from both people entering the store (we kept a few from going in) as well as people who live in the neighborhood and were just passing by. We delivered a letter to store manager and kept the protest going outside until we were nearly frozen. seattle-omx-uploadable-size.jpg

In New York, activists paid a visit to OfficeMax in Brooklyn, and delivered a letter to the manager. Pictures are coming soon, but even without photographic proof, its good to know that RAN’s message was delivered.

RAN activists in Humboldt County,Northern California managed to participate in the day of action even though they are among few people in North America who have no OfficeMax or Grand & Toy within 100 miles. Instead of visiting a local OfficeMax store, they started a letter writing campaign to OfficeMax CEO, Sam Duncan, asking him to support a moratorium in Grassy Narrows.

We are still waiting to hear from activists in Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Victoria, New Jersey, Orlando, Vancouver and over a dozen other cities to know how those actions went – look for updates!


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