Occupy Our Food Supply #F27 Blogger Day of Action: Register Now

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Occupy Our Food SupplyOccupy Our Food Supply‘s Blogger Day of Action on February 27 will join luminaries of the food movement—like Dr. Vandana Shiva, Anna Lappe, Michael Ableman, and Raj Patel—with journalists and bloggers throughout the nation to culminate in a chorus of voices calling for the reclamation of our food systems from industrial agribusiness giants Cargill, Monsanto, ADM and others.

Add your voice on #F27 to make this message impossible to ignore. Sign up for the Occupy Our Food Supply Blogger Day of Action today. Just fill in the fields below to let us know you’re with us.

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Occupy Our Food Supply is bringing together over 60 Occupy groups from across the country, in addition to sustainable farming, food justice, buy local, slow food, and environmental groups, for a global day of action on February 27, 2012. In addition to hundreds of on-the-ground actions around the world, journalists, authors, food advocates, organizations, and social media influencers will be flooding the web with Occupy Our Food Supply messages via the #F27 Blogger and Social Media Day of Action.

#F27. Join us.