Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain

posted by scott parkin
Kayford Mountain

After a successful mobilization a few weeks ago in Washington D.C., the mountain justice movement is meeting again this weekend for Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain, West Virginia. Kayford is the home of anti-MTR activist Larry Gibson.

Expect lots of good stuff to be happening at Kayford this weekend.

Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain!

This October 22nd-24th, the 5th annual Mountain Justice Fall Summit will be held on Kayford Mountain in the Southern West Virginia coalfields. Coming on the heels of Appalachia Rising, we are building momentum and standing together in the coalfields for the abolition of surface mining.

Stand up for the mountains and future of Appalachia.
Be a part of a mass movement that says stop mountaintop removal and hire West Virginians to reclaim whats already been destroyed.

Below is a link to the Schedule for this weekend’s event, as well as a link to the Orientation page for the weekend.

* Mountain Justice Fall Summit Schedule
* Mountain Justice Fall Summit Orientation Packet
* Fall Summit QuarterSheet

Over 500 mountains have been destroyed and over 1,000 miles of streams have been buried in valley fills. Mountaintop Removal (MTR) continues to cause irreversible damage to the environment and aquatic systems that thousands of people rely on for food, water, and homes. In 1986, coal companies began stripping Kayford Mountain. Since then, “the slow motion destruction of Kayford Mountain has been continuous – 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” according to Larry Gibson, whose family has been living on Kayford since the 1700′s.

Mountaintop removal affects thousands of Appalachians on a daily basis. “We’re here on a mission, our mission is simple, we want our mountains,” said local resident Adam Hall during Appalachia Rising, “…Because every day…we grow. Our voices are heard. We get louder, and as we grow…the coal companies’ resources, they shrink, day in and day out. We will have our day. We will win this fight. No more MTR. No more sludge dams. No more!”

This devastating practice can not go on. Come join us for the Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain, October 22-24, for a weekend of workshops and a day of action on an MTR site. For more info, contact or 304-854-1937, or click here to register now!