Meet the Palm Oil Action Team Leaders: LeAnn Fox

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We continue with part 3 of our 7 part series blogs on the Palm Oil Action Team Leaders with LeAnn Fox. LeAnn is one more amazing activist who joined the Leaders Summit this past March, and her narrative of how she became active with the Conflict Palm Oil campaign is another great addition to this series. If you live in the Seattle, WA area and feel inspired by LeAnn’s story, sign up to work with her by clicking the sign-up link at the bottom of the page!

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LeAnn has always had a passion for protecting animal rights and standing up for those who are unable to do so themselves. Her passion truly unfolded in 2007, when she became aware of the destructive nature of the palm oil industry. At the time, she was a zoo docent and keeper aide in the orangutan unit. She was responsible for educating the public about the animals, their exhibits, plants and the conservation programs that the zoo sponsored, and additionally feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the well-being of the five orangutans at the zoo. In her first 4 years at the zoo, she never once heard the term “palm oil” being used, but rather was exposed to the issue by simply stumbling upon it online due to her own curiosity. She was shocked at the atrocious nature of the industry’s practices and the devastating impact Conflict Palm Oil has on her beloved orangutans. Then and there she committed to doing all she could to help protect this species and their natural habitat.


It didn’t take four years working as a keeper aide in the orangutan unit to realize that these lovely, gentle and often entertaining creatures who share 97% of our DNA do not deserve the fate that has been handed [to] them. When you become as emotionally attached as I did to an orangutan and you see how unjust it is that they are slaughtered for profit you are spurred to fight back.

Now in her 13th year as a docent at the zoo, and a volunteer in the Nine-Lives program at a local animal shelter, LeAnn’s dedication to putting an end to Conflict Palm Oil is stronger than ever. LeAnn is a compassionate, loving and determined activist that will help bring an end to Conflict Palm Oil and the plight of the orangutan once and for all.

Do you live in the Seattle area and want to work with LeAnn to fight Conflict Palm Oil? She is planning a Sara Lee company call-in event at Green Lake Park on August 13th, and is looking for volunteers to help her make this action a huge success.


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