Mannequins For Climate Justice Shut Down Bank of America

posted by scott parkin

Lone Protester Shuts Down Bank; Mannequin demands end to funding of coal industry, foreclosure evictions

BOSTON, MA – The Kenmore Square Bank of America branch was closed for business this morning by an activist with Mannequins for Climate Justice. The protester chained himself to the doors of the bank shortly before opening this morning.

The protester, Guy Fox, said, “Even a dummy like me can see that Bank of America’s massive loans to coal companies and support for the epidemic of foreclosures and evictions has to stop now.”

The activist says he is getting an early start on Fossil Fools Day, an international day of action that uses April 1st to highlight, mock, and resist the fossil fuel industry and its collaborators who are destroying the Earth.

Fox further said, “Bank of America seems determined to be so evil it’s almost comical, but people resisting the bank’s practices will have the last laugh. Happy April Fools to all the capitalist fossil fools!”