Climate Camp Erected in London’s Banking District;Financial Fool’s Day in Full Effect

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The global revolt against the governing elites and the banks is on. nature-doesnt-do

Today, tens of thousands are converging in London to protest the G20 (along with tens of thousands of riot police). The main aim of this summit is to discuss how to re-build confidence in the financial markets and “re-stabilize” the world economy given the current financial crisis. The meeting will be composed of finance ministers from the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and the World Bank.

Targeting the Bank of England, private financial institutions and the summit itself, activists today are staging mass protests and direct actions throughout London’s financial district. Several thousand have surrounded the bank of England, while several hundred attacked a Royal Bank of Scotland branch shouting “Who’s bank! Our bank!

The organizers of the UK’s climate camps have set up Climate Camp G20 in the heart of London’s Financial District. Within minutes over thousands set up over a 100 tents and other vital pieces of infrastructure under a heavy police presence in front of the European Climate Exchange.

The latest report says:

“Still going Strong, over 2000 people and 150 tents, described as a hugely impressive infrastructure. There are theatre performances, compost toilets, a medical tent, a couple of working kitchens, with many people picnicing there. The camp has been attracting passers by and city workers. There are police lines on either side of the camp but people are allowed in and out. Plenty of dancing and banners across the street.”

In other parts of the UK, there have been a wave of factory occupations by ex-workers and actions at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) around the country.

On Sunday, 40,000 people (three times what the organizers expected to attend) marched under the banner of “Jobs Justice Climate” to hold the bankers and the governments which love them accountable for both the credit crisis and the climate crisis.

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