Making Art and Community for the Capitol Climate Action

posted by scott parkin

Yesterday, over 60 people showed up at one of our convergence spaces for the Capitol Climate Action to spend the day building art and holding direct action preps for March 2. Flags, banners and placards were all produced to help hold the visual space at the Capitol Power Plant.

The scene was part dance party, part class room, part art build and all creating community. It reminded me of the global justice mass mobilizations at the early part of the decade with many of the same faces, plus dozens of new ones.

The climate crisis won’t be solved by governments and corporations (the same entities that got us into this mess), but by youth, artists, frontline communities and lots of other people from across the world elevating their voices and building their own power so that the power-holders can’t do anything but listen.

We’ll have a convergence space open all weekend from 10am-10pm for art build, non-violence trainings and legal briefings. It’ll be across the street from the DC Convention Center at the Warehouse Theater (1021 7th St NW, Washington D.C.).

Action is beautiful. Direct Action gets the goods!