It’s Time To #OccupytheBoardRoom

posted by Rainforest Action Network

#OccupytheBoardRoomIt’s time to #OccupytheBoardRoom.

Thousands of protesters have been occupying Wall Street for the past several weeks to take their demands for social and economic justice directly to the richest 1% of Americans — the very folks who are benefiting most from the inequality in our system while the other 99% of us face endless layoffs, fee hikes, stagnant wages, and climate change bankrolled by Wall Street.

We can’t all be camped out in Zuccotti Park, but now we can all send messages directly to the CEOs and board members of the top financial institutions in the world. RAN has teamed up with a variety of labor and economic justice groups, including Rebuild The Dream and Jobs With Justice, to give you a tool to send your message directly to the 1%.

Help #OccupytheBoardRoom by sending your message to the 1% now.

Fed up with Bank of America and other big Wall Street banks underwriting dirty coal and wrecking our climate? Fed up with the inordinate political influence exerted by the richest of the rich? Fed up with the lack of decent jobs for the 99% while fat cats get massive bonuses?

#OcuppytheBoardRoom is your chance to express exactly what you’re feeling directly to the 1%ers responsible for these injustices.

Now more than ever, the people at the top of the world’s biggest corporations need to feel the full force of the 99% of us who speak for what is right and what our communities need.

Need some ideas for your message? We put together this collage of some of our favorite signs from #OccupyWallStreet to get you inspired: