Internet to Chase: Stop Destroying the Mountains

posted by scott parkin

JP Morgan Chase is the biggest U.S. financier of mountaintop removal.

They have financial relationships with the poster child of mountaintop removal, Massey Energy. That means their money is funds sludge impoundments like Brushy Fork which is currently holding 7 billion gallons of coal waste above the Coal River Valley. Their money funds the dragline that 14 of my friends shut down in Twilight last June that scrapes away house size chunks of earth after the mountain has been blasted. Their money funds the security guards and noise machines that harassed and abused 3 tree-sitters last month defending Coal River Mountain with non-violent direct action. Their money funds Don Blankenship’s helicopters, mansion and corrupt junkets to Spain with WV Supreme Court Justices .

Chase has hired PR firms to re-brand themselves on the internet as “charitable” and “benevolent” through their “Chase Community Giving sites and Facebook Fan Pages (even though they disallowed “political” groups from participating in any fundraising). Chase touts themselves as a green environmentally friendly bank. Their greenwashing, social media branding and high powered PR firms can’t hide the truth about what Chase really does. They are complicit in destroying Appalachia’s mountains, poisoning it’s communities with dirty water and ruining it’s economy by creating conditions that lead to the worst poverty in the country.
Today, we’re exposing that truth using tools on the internet that will concentrate tens of thousands of people on Chase brand they’ve spent so much money perfecting.

It’s time we amp up the pressure on Chase and take their money out of the coal industry.

Please join us for a social media day of action. We are using our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blogs to hold JP Morgan Chase accountable for financing this despicable practice. Follow this link to take social media action and tell JP Morgan Chase to stop destroying Appalachia’s mountains.

Some ways to take action:

1.Update your facebook status with this message: “Chase is bankrolling the destruction of American mountains for coal. End mountaintop removal and PUT CHASE ON THE RUN. Take action today at
2. Upload this Chase brand jam image to your Facebook picture (image to the left)”
3. Brand jam Chase’s Facebook page “Chase Community Giving.” (follow this link)
4. .Tweet this message: #Chase is bankrolling the destruction of American mountains. Take action at #coal #mtr #RAN Please RT.
5. Upload the Chase brand jam image to Flickr (image to the left)
6.Blog the social media day of action