I really don’t like Big Coal

posted by scott parkin

I really don’t like Big Coal.

I don’t like it when they blow the tops of mountains. I don’t like it when their power plants pollute local air and water. I don’t like when coal ash waste poisons whole communities. I especially don’t like how Big Coal is responsible for 42% of global carbon emissions causing catastrophic climate change.

So today, I joined hundreds of friends and got ARRESTED in a peaceful civil disobedience at Duke Energy’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Duke Energy is building a new coal fired power plant in Ciffside, NC. If built, the plant is predicted to emit six million tons of carbon dioxide every year for the next 50 years.

All over the country, people like me and you are taking action against big coal. We are all stepping it up and taking more risks to stop Big Coal’s destructive behavior. Protests as far away as California, or as nearby as the mountains of West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The movement to quit coal and stop global warming is sweeping the nation.

It’s time to step this fight against Big Coal and climate change up.