HOW TO: #J20 Social Media

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Occupy Wall St West Here’s the scoop on how to stay up to date on all the incredible actions going on at Occupy Wall St West today, as well as where to post photos, videos and key updates from the streets.

News updates, OccupySF and Occupy Wall St West updates, maps, affinity groups, actions & livestreams can be found at:
Get text updates by texting owswest to 41411


Post images & updates to your page + Occupy Wall Street West event:


*Primary hashtags: #owswest #J20
Secondary hashtags: #osf #occupysf
Communicate all key info to @owswest & @occupysf

If you use the primary hashtags, your tweets will be included
in J20 live feed of Twitter hashtags/feeds hosted here:


Want to make sure the business community knows what’s up with #J20 & #J21? Like it or not, you gotta spread the word on LinkedIn.


Send links for OWSWest to share to
Tag all Flickr photos with: owswest

If you want to make your Flickr photos avail. on Creative Commons,
go here:


Send links for OWSWest to share to
Tag all videos on YouTube with “Occupy Wall St West” in quote marks.