Help RAN Get a Date with Cargill by Sending a Saucy Valentine!

By Rainforest Action Network

Valentine’s Day, love or hate it, is a day filled with anxiety. The state of our love lives, whatever they may be, goes under the magnifying glass…Even more so if you’re not quite sure if the object of your affection is going ask you for a date, or even call at all.

This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re spicing it up a bit and asking our friends to help us get a date with Cargill, the largest privately held corporation in the world and also the #1 importer of palm oil into the United States. Palm oil has become an increasingly controversial commodity around the world, known best for it’s amazing ability to destroy our planet’s remaining tropical rainforests at the expense of our global climate, diverse forest communities and endangered species like the orangutan.

For over a year now, RAN has showered Cargill with attention—loving calls, epic emails, and even a hot and spicy rendezvous at their office—remember when RAN chained ourselves to the stairwell of the Cargill executive mansion to show just how committed we really were to the relationship?

Mark Murphy, Cargill’s Assistant VP of Corporate Affairs, promised to set us up on a date with his boss—a key decision maker—back in November after more than two years of our attempts at getting a meeting with a real decision maker at Cargill. We even held back on our aggressive plans, waiting for this important meeting. But guess what?  We’re still waiting.

Is Cargill dodging us on purpose? After everything we’ve done to show how much we care?! We’re just not going to stand for this kind of rejection on Valentine’s Day! No way. We need reinforcements!

Help us get a date with Cargill!
We’ve made three scintillating valentines for you to choose from with plenty of space to add your own personal message—clever, cute, or cantankerous.

Send a clever valentine to Cargill today and show them how much you care.