Fossil Fools Day “kicks off” early in London!

posted by Matt Ran

londdon-ffd.jpgFossil Fools Day 2008 got an early start today – with London Rising Tide “kicking” things off. In front of the Football Association headquarters in London, Rising Tide protesters issued the FA a Red Card for accepting sponsorship from E.ON – a utility company proposing to build new coal-fired power plants in the UK.

“We are taking action to prevent the fossil fuel industry from destroying our future,” said Brian Kelly from Rising Tide. “Vested interests in business and government are bent on pursuing economic growth at all costs. We need to shrink, not protect, the fossil fuel economy if we are to survive climate change.”

Rising Tide claim that E-ON are stoking up pressure on planners to grant permission for these new power stations, when the real solution is a huge reduction in the over all use of fossil fuels.

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