And the Fossil Fool of the Year Is…….

posted by scott parkin

Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America! For his company’s massive support of the coal industry and other carbon intensive industry.


The final results are in for the “Foolies.”

Here are the other winners:

Outstanding Performance in Corporate Greenwashing: GM CEO Rick Wagoner, for his company’s creation of, a website designed to promote GM’s environmental progress even as the company attempted to block the efforts of California and 11 other states to reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

Most Inauspicious Newcomer: Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) CEO Patricia Woertz, for her company’s newfound recognition as a massive contributor to global warming for its role in clearing pristine rainforests around the world for the production of soy and palm oil, in part for biofuels. Biofuels produced on newly cleared land result in more climate-changing carbon emissions than traditional fossil fuels.

Biggest Human Toll: Cargill CEO Gregory R. Page, for the agribusiness giant’s displacement of frontline communities throughout South America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific to make way for the expansion of its massive soy and palm oil plantations.

Lifetime Achievement: George Bush and Dick Cheney, for their persistent efforts to deny the reality and impacts of global climate change, promote carbon-intensive energy solutions, and block progress toward curbing climate change.

Thousands voted in an online contest over the past few weeks to determine “Fossil Fool of the Year.” Beginning tomorrow, there will be actions and pranks all over the world, some of which will be delivering awards to winners and nominees.

You can check out the full nominees here.