Defending Democracy Resource Guide

As we get closer to Election Day 2020, those waging war on people and the planet are refusing any commitment to a peaceful transition of power should they lose. They’ve…

protest banner outside of a Chase bank

Organizing During Crisis

People power has the potential to create monumental change– and this has never been more evident than now. Understanding how to organize safely during the recent crises has resulted in some of the most creative and collaborative movement building we’ve seen in recent times.

keep forests standing banner in rainforest

Covid Community Relief Funds

The impact of COVID-19 has been hardest felt by the poor, people of color, and Indigenous Peoples. This summer, we asked you if you could help create a grassroots matching gift to send support where it was needed most.

watercolor by Charlize Branch

The Day After: And Tomorrow

Our Executive Director, Lindsey Allen’s perspective on the recent US Midterm Elections and what the results mean for the forests, climate, and our work.

Egypt’s Youth Revolution

On what has become known as “The Day of Revolt” — January 25, 2011 — thousands of Egyptians took to the streets to protest the regime of authoritarian leader Hosni…

RBC Tar Sands activists have a posse

I just finished spending two weeks with some of my favorite organizers in Toronto. In the midst of strategizing to have an impactful presence at the Royal Bank of Canada‘s…

Freedom From Oil Tour Diary #10 – THE END!

[youtube 52d6_ib97Gs] Check out the final glorious episode of the 10 day adventure of RAN and Substance educating and mobilizing people to stop the Tar Sands, with rock bands Propagandhi…

Climate Ground Zero Action Camp: Day 2

I’m sitting in front of the Greenpeace communications van, the pride and joy of Richard “Sky King” Dillman. Despite our relatively remote location, can transmit live audio, video or text…

Rebirth of a Dream

I coauthored this with Amy Ortiz, a student activist from the RAN network, who also works with Southern Energy Network. This past weekend, April 4-6th, something historic took place in…