Confronting Pepsi at Super Bowl City

posted by Kelsey Baker

After two years of campaigning, snack food giant PepsiCo has still not adequately addressed its Conflict Palm Oil problem. And now, with the Pepsi-branded halftime show at Super Bowl 50, Pepsi is spending millions of dollars trying to market itself as a cool, hip and iconic brand. But we know just how out of date PepsiCo’s palm oil policies are.


We decided it was time to get loud and escalate the pressure on PepsiCo in a public way. So we took our campaign to the streets of San Francisco––epicenter of Super Bowl 50––and exposed what PepsiCo is really sponsoring: rainforest destruction for Conflict Palm Oil. 


Projection on the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco.

This past weekend the RAN team targeted Pepsi by projecting images of deforestation onto major landmarks across San Francisco. Yesterday, RAN staff and volunteers gathered at the Super Bowl City to educate Super Bowl fans about PepsiCo’s ties to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, species extinction, the abuse of workers and communities, and climate change. (See our Facebook album for all action photos!)


RAN staff and volunteers demonstrating at the entrance to Super Bowl City in downtown San Francisco.


Super Bowl City attendees participated in the photo petition action, calling on PepsiCo to eliminate Conflict Palm Oil from its products. 

PepsiCo uses hundreds of thousands of tons of palm oil in its products each year, and as a result, critical forests are falling, carbon-rich peatlands are burning and  communities’ land and livelihoods are under attack. With your help, we won’t let PepsiCo get away with this. YOU can do three things to demand more from PepsiCo:

  1. Help spread the word by posting to Pepsi’s Facebook page.You could say something like: Hey PepsiCo, all of the advertising in the world won’t cover up the forest destruction your snacks are linked to. Cut Conflict Palm Oil Now!

  2. PepsiCo has launched a Twitter competition for chefs using the hashtag #GameDayGrubMatchEntry to advertise its snack food products. We need you to tweet @PepsiCo and say that you don’t want rainforest destruction in your kitchen. You could tweet something like: There’s some dodgy recipes in @PepsiCo’s #SB50#gamedaygrubmatchentry, but nothing as ugly as @Pepsi‘s deforestation.

  3. We have teamed up with our friends at SumOfUs to crash Pepsi’s halftime show on social media. Sign up now to join the Thunderclap and show millions of Americans what PepsiCo really stands for: forest destruction and human rights abuses for cheap snacks.