Hey New York, Start Spreading the News, Citi’s AGM is coming to town

By scott parkin

Shareholder season is upon us. It’s the time of the year where the corporations get together with their stockholders and give their annual reports about how they are profiting from the destruction of communities, the earth and the climate.

This year, the two biggest funders of coal from the cradle to the grave, Citibank and Bank of America, meetings are 24 hours apart. Citi’s shareholder’s are meeting in New York on April 22nd at 10am, while Bank of America’s are meeting in Charlotte, NC on April 23rd at 10am.

Last week, we pulled some pretty funny pranks as Billionaires for Dirty Energy chained themselves to the doors of Citi HQ, and Bank of America’s CEO Ken Lewis won “Fossil Fool of the year.” (Watch the video here)

Now we’re going to confront the banks and their shareholders with the solemn truth of what their investments are costing the rest of us.

If you are in New York or North Carolina and want to join us, please contact dirtymoney@ran.org

Here is the Bank of America call to action.

Below is the Citi call to action.

For the Mountains, Scott


Join us outside of Citibank’s shareholder’s meeting, as we tell Citi to stop funding coal from the cradle to the grave.

The climate crisis is real and it’s here. We can’t afford to wait any longer to put a stop to coal from the cradle to the grave.

Citi’s investments are driving the destruction of Appalachian mountains, the posioning of indigenous territory in the southwest and the proliferation of coal-fired powerplants in communities all over the country. Citi know they must stop driving this chaos and destruction with their financing of billion of dollars into the coal sector, yet they only pay lip-service to real solutions.

-Please join us for a moving picket line of solidarity with communities being killed by coal.

-There will be different street theater elements with a funeral for communities killed by coal with the Theater for Social Change and RAN NYC.

-We will speak with a powerful voice to the bankers and investors for the coal industry.

-WEAR BLACK! Come and support communities devastated by mountaintop removal and coal-fired power plants.

Coal is Over. Fund the Future!

WHAT:Citibank’s Annual Shareholder Meeting
WHERE: The Hilton; New York, NY; 1335 Ave of the Americas
WHEN: Tuesday, April 22 at 9am
WHY: Citibank is the largest funder of coal from the cradle to the grave. They have invested billions in a carbon intensive industry that is exploding the tops of mountains in Appalachia, poisoning communities in the American southwest and
CONTACT: Sam at srcorbin@gmail, or Scott at dirtymoney@ran.org
INFO: www.dirtymoney.org