Bank Of America Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set Them Free

posted by scott parkin
RAN Boston Activist Transforms BofA ATM

This week in Washington D.C. and Boston, merry bands of climate pranksters have been spanking Bank of America’s banksters with a little truth.

Or a little “ATM” truth as we like to say.

In Washington D.C. and Boston, activists collectively hit upwards of 80 Bank of America ATMs with non-adhesive stickers that transform the ATMs into “Automated Truth Machines.”

Also this week, the Energy Action Coalition organized a massive student day of action targeting Bank of America’s investments in the coal industry. And their ongoing public relations rhetoric around clean energy.

Bank of America is currently the largest financier of coal in the U.S. (in the past 2 years it’s portfolio has grown to about $4.3 billion). Furthermore, it is the largest forecloser of homes in the country. It’s executives receive lavish bonuses (CEO Brian Moynihan’s salary quadrupled in the past year) while the company lay of tens of thousands of it’s own employees.  And while the country and public services suffer under budget cuts, Bank of America doesn’t pay taxes.

Calls have gone out to “Bust Up, Bank of America.”

And that seems to be the most truth being spoken today.