All You Need to Jam PepsiCo This Summer

By Gabe Smalley

Following the Global Day of Action to Cut Conflict Palm Oil, PepsiCo responded by announcing a Forestry Stewardship Policy and Palm Oil Commitment. Unfortunately, neither of these new promises are strong enough to guarantee that Pepsi’s use of palm oil is not driving destruction.

Instead of cutting Conflict Palm Oil from its products, PepsiCo continues to push its darkly ironic #LiveForNow campaign. PepsiCo is telling people not to worry about climate change, the fate of the last wild orangutans and children that are forced to work in slave-like conditions on oil palm plantations and just #LiveForNow! PepsiCo is pushing its #LiveForNow propaganda out through it’s “Real Big Summer” marketing campaign which includes Pepsi sponsored concerts and events around the world. 

Activists like you are fighting back. 

Around the world, people are taking to the streets and to social media to send PepsiCo the message that #LiveForNow shouldn’t mean destroying tomorrow. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Download a sign to send your message to Pepsi. You can choose a smaller sign that you print at home, or a larger sign if you’d like to go big. Each placard has one with a pre-written message, and one that you can add your own. 
  2. Take a photo of yourself (and friends if you’d like) in front of a Pepsi branded billboard, product display, event, stadium, or elsewhere. Make sure your sign is visible. 
  3. Tweet your photo using the hashtag #LiveForNow. If you could drop us a note at with your Twitter handle, that will help us find it. 

It’s that simple. If you’d like to get more information on how to use Twitter or set up a bigger event, you can check out our helpful toolkit here. If you’d like to get email updates on this campaign, including invites to Twitter trainings led by our Digital Team, enter your information here.

Here’s why we know this is effective: your voice, on Twitter, cannot be censored. Brands like PepsiCo pay millions and employ thousands of staff dedicated solely to monitoring their brands on Twitter. Unlike Facebook which speaks to your circle of friends, Twitter is part of the public conversation that tells PepsiCo that people want it to eliminate Conflict Palm Oil. 

Are you ready to force change? Grab a camera, print a placard, find a Pepsi sign, and let’s take and Tweet some selfies for change. Because #LiveForNow should not mean destroying rainforests, orangutan extinction, or human rights abuses.