Turn Up The Heat on Pepsi

Instead of cutting Conflict Palm Oil from its products, PepsiCo continues to spend millions in advertising to push its darkly ironic #LiveForNow campaign. PepsiCo is telling people not to worry about climate change, the fate of the last wild orangutans and children that are forced to work in slave-like conditions on oil palm plantations and just #LiveForNow!

It’s our job to tell PepsiCo that #LiveForNow isn’t good enough. So, this summer we’re turning up the heat.

PepsiCo is pushing its #LiveForNow propaganda out through it’s “Real Big Summer” marketing campaign which includes Pepsi sponsored concerts and events across the US. We need YOU to crash Pepsi-sponsored events and deliver the message that #LiveForNow shouldn’t mean rainforest destruction, climate change and human rights abuses.

We'll show up in person at events, and we'll spread the word across the internet for PepsiCo's customers to see around the world. Are you ready to help out? Add your name and we'll keep you posted every step of the way. 

Don't feel like waiting? Grab the toolkit here and start raising a ruckus in your neighborhood today. 



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