A REAL debate: Mike Brune v. Clean Coal

posted by Josh Ran

Did yall see the Presidential debate last night? What about that question about Green Jobs and Climate? I don’t know if you were as dissapointed with the candidates’ lukewarm answers as I was, but one thing is for sure – there’s one issue neither McCain nor Obama will argue about: their support for (and astronomical campaign contribution support by) so called “clean coal.” Wanna see a real debate? Yesterday Mike Brune, director of Rainforest Action Network debated Joe Lucas of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity on Democracy Now!

check it out:


Mike also has a new book out, called Coming Clean: Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil and Coal

We’ve all read plenty of books and articles about the high costs and impacts of our addiction to fossil fuels. This book is different. It’s optimistic but it’s also a clear-eyed and realistic book about solutions. More importantly, it suggests specific, tangible things that people can do collectively to create the deep change we need to create a clean energy economy.

Bill McKibben describes Coming Clean as, “the resource we have long needed,”

Van Jones writes, “At last! A road map to a clean energy future.”

Ross Gelbspan calls it, “A gem of a book.”

Jeff Goodell, author of Big Coal, says its, “a smart, heartfelt guide to building a better world.”

The book can be found at local bookstores now or on Amazon here

Our aim is to use the book as an opportunity to bring diverse activists together, to promote real solutions to our energy crisis, and to put some heat on local politicos and corporate targets. If you have students who would want to host an event, its an easy way to help keep up a buzz about solutions and a clean energy future and can help keep momentum up around Power Vote and other organizing happening locally. If you’re interested, email Jen Angel at jen@aidandabet.org