The forest is part of us

The Pargamanan-Bintang Maria community in the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia can trace their roots back to about 125 years ago. The three Batak clans (Marga), Sitanggang, Simbolon and Lumban Gaol, migrated there during Dutch colonial times and were given the land by the ruler Partuan Nahoda Raja with the promise to never transfer its rights.

Reparation for the Irreparable

For more than two weeks, a group of the Indigenous Dayak Modang Long Wai people in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province has been blocking the entrance to a huge local palm…

Destroying Lives and
Stealing Land

Forest destruction, criminalization, crop destruction, murder… these are only some of the crimes that have been found on these plantations, and pulp and palm oil that come from these plantations are still finding their way into our food and packaging…