RBC Tar Sands activists have a posse

By Josh Ran

I just finished spending two weeks with some of my favorite organizers in Toronto. In the midst of strategizing to have an impactful presence at the Royal Bank of Canada‘s Annual General Shareholder’s meeting (AGM), we went on a training tour to reach out communities all over Ontario. The response has been tremendous.

[youtube nRE8aStTq5Y]

RAN Toronto led organizing and strategy trainings in places like Lindsay, London, Kingston, with other cities like Barrie, Montreal, and Ottawa also getting organized. Why?

Because right now energy in Canada is exploding around not just the Tar Sands, but by confronting those who invest and support the most destructive project on earth.

The trainings had upwards of 40 participants, and evolved into planning sessions about groups of people coming to Toronto to let RBC shareholders know that the bank’s continued investments in the Tar Sands and disregard for Free Prior and Informed Consent of First Nations communities is unacceptable.

The invitation will soon be public to join community members and activists in Toronto on March 3rd, to participate in a series of actions and large rally at the AGM. Stay tuned.