How to help those impacted by Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura is one of the most powerful storms to hit The Gulf Coast and the U.S. The storm has caused massive power outages, fires at chemical plants that have…


For several decades, climate change has been a global crisis that will impact every single person and living being on this planet. To stop climate destruction in its tracks, carbon, and other greenhouse gas, emissions must be cut to zero, and forests must remain standing to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forests protect the climate, and reducing the impacts of a warming planet helps keep forests standing.

Coal mining destroying the land

Defund Climate Change

Since 2016, 35 banks have poured $2.7 trillion into fossil fuels and dirty energy. It’s time for Wall Street to defund climate change for good, because business, as usual, isn’t going to cut it anymore. We demand that big banks stop violating human rights, clearing forests, and destroying the climate.

Who’s insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline?

These insurance companies are insuring the violation of Indigenous rights, pollution of sacred waterways, and destruction of the global climate.

Who’s banking the Keystone XL pipeline?

May 2020 update JPMorgan Chase remains the primary banker of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline through its support for TC Energy, the company behind the project. It’s followed…