How to help those impacted by Hurricane Laura

Tens of thousands of people on the Gulf Coast are in need of care and resources.

By Rainforest Action Network

Hurricane Laura is one of the most powerful storms to hit The Gulf Coast and the U.S. The storm has caused massive power outages, fires at chemical plants that have left people exposed to dangerous chemicals, and tens of thousands of people without drinkable water.

The devastation has hit Black and Brown communities particularly hard, as the hurricane ripped through oil wells and infrastructure and chemical plants. Many have been forced from their homes in the middle of a global pandemic.

Hurricane Laura has left many in need of collective compassion and resources.

Here are a few ways you can help today:

Mutual Aid Resources

At RAN, we know that extreme weather disasters will continue to devastate vulnerable communities if corporations keep pouring billions of dollars into fossil fuel projects and forests continue to be cleared for profit. BIPOC and low-income communities face greater threats from the climate crisis and storms like this because dangerous fossil fuel projects and infrastructure are often built through their communities without their consent.

Every day we work to hold corporations accountable to communities like those impacted near the Gulf coast today, and beyond.

If you can help those suffering from Hurricane Laura, we thank you. When we take care of each other, people power is more powerful than ever.