The global climate crisis is a human rights crisis.

Tens of millions of people around the world already facing impacts from drought, storms, and rising sea levels.

Burning fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and gas, releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the air that have been quickly warming up the surface of the Earth. For several decades, climate change has been a global crisis that will impact every single person and living being on this planet. Now, according to the latest UN climate report, we have less than 10 years to cut global emissions in half.

There is no longer a debate of what causes the now every day extreme weather, it is a matter of how we stop it.

To stop climate destruction in its tracks, carbon, and other greenhouse gas, emissions must be cut to zero, and forests must remain standing to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forests protect the climate, and reducing the impacts of a warming planet helps keep forests standing.

We can find our way out of this crisis of survival, but we must demand that corporations defund climate change and keep forests standing.

Climate change impacts don’t have to be something future generations deal with, we can change the course, get justice for those whose rights have been violated, and create a just and viable future.

Join us to Defund Climate Change

Coal mining destroying the land