Keep it in the Ground

Scientists agree: to stay within the global carbon budget and avoid dangerous warming, the vast majority of all proven coal, oil and gas reserves must stay in the ground and fossil fuel combustion must end by mid- to late-century.

RAN’s climate and energy finance team is working towards long-term goals of keeping global temperature change to 1.5 degrees, protecting human rights, and accelerating the decline of the most climate-destructive fossil fuel subsectors.

Even during this political moment, where fossil fuel corporations and the U.S. government are increasingly looking one and the same, we are working for tangible and necessary wins that uplift human rights and eliminate the dirtiest forms of extreme energy: tar sands, coal mining and power, and liquified natural gas.

From taking on the fossil fuel industry, to cutting off Wall Street financing for dirty energy projects, to creating a new way to think about a sustainable energy future, RAN fights alongside people directly impacted by dirty energy, challenging corporate power that place profits above people and planet.

Join the Fight for the Climate

Defund Extreme Fossil Fuels

RAN’s climate and energy team pushes the financial sector to align its policies and practices with a world in which global warming is limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius and human rights are fully respected.

With more than a decade of experience campaigning on Wall Street banks, and building on momentum and lessons learned from the fights against Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline, RAN’s climate team works to accelerate the decline of the most climate-destructive fossil fuel subsectors: tar sands, coal mining and power, and liquefied natural gas export.

At a time when the world’s nations have agreed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change, leading financial institutions have continued business as usual investment in fossil fuels, in direct contradiction of global consensus. From 2013 to 2015, the biggest global banks pumped $42 billion into companies active in coal mining; $154 billion into the 20 largest coal-fired power producers; $306 billion into companies that drill extreme oil; and $282 billion into companies building liquefied natural gas export infrastructure in North America. As the world shifts away from a fossil fuel economy, these investments will result in stranded assets and significant financial losses.

In the last two years, big banks have bent the curve on coal, with five of the six biggest Wall Street banks committing to reduce their lending to coal mining, and a total of 24 global banks putting in place new policies to move away from the coal sector. Big banks need to accelerate their exit from coal, and cut extreme oil and gas, in order to follow through on promises made in Paris to stabilize the climate.

Banks and Climate

Join our relentless fight to demand that Wall Street act responsibly to keep energy clean for our health and well-being. Keep fossil fuels in the ground, and stop poisoning communities in pursuit of gas, coal and oil.

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Keystone XL & Tar Sands

Donald Trump has revived the once dead pipeline with an executive order that unblocked the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and set in motion a plan to curb regulatory interference on future pipeline projects.

Rainforest Action Network’s strategy in response is straightforward: follow the money funding Keystone XL and take bold, courageous action to stop the construction of this horrible pipeline.

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Unbankable Coal

Mining and burning coal is flatly incompatible with a stable climate and with sinking prices and consumption of coal, coal remains a bad investment on financial grounds. The global climate crisis is evolving into a human rights crisis, with tens of millions of people around the world already effected.

Learn more about our winning strategy to make banks stop backing coal at home and around the world.

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Climate Action Fund

Since 1993, RAN’s Community Action Grants have distributed more than one million dollars in grants to more than 150 frontline communities, Indigenous-led organizations, and allies around the world.

The Climate Action Fund, CAF, provides grants to local groups tackling the root causes of climate change: the extraction and combustion of dirty fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

You can read about these incredible grantees and find out more about how you can directly support their critical work here.

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