PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari Destroying the “Orangutan Capital of the World”


GPS: 3°49’52.69″N, 96°35’57.01″E –A new field investigation by Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has uncovered video evidence of active forest clearance and the dredging of peat drainage canals for palm oil plantation development inside the Tripa peatland, an area dubbed by primatologists as the “orangutan capital of the world.” The culprit is PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari: a controversial company that has been driving the destruction and burning of Tripa’s forests and peatlands for years. It was previously taken to court by the government of Indonesia for illegal burning of peatlands in Tripa.

RAN’s investigation found that palm oil fruit produced by PT. DPL was sold to a nearby mill owned by PT. Raja Marga, which has supplied refineries operated by both Wilmar and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR).

Video documentation available here.

Case study with photos and other supporting documentation available here.