Vote for Your Favorite Fossil Fool!

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Well, it’s that time of year…time to select your Fossil Fool of the Year!! Voting is just underway here, and we’ve got a vested interest in the outcome, so, please, go vote, and pass the link on to everyone you can.

This year, we’ve pulled out all the stops. We’ve created five categories to cover every type of fossil fool offender:
1) Fossil Fool of the Year,
2) Most Inauspicious Newcomer,
3) Lifetime Achievement,
4) Biggest Human Toll, and
5) Outstanding Performance in Corporate Greenwashing.

Some candidates were chosen by RAN, others were nominated by Energy Action, Co-op America, and affiliated groups. We intend to present the Fossil Fool of the Year with an award (a ‘Foolie’) on Fossil Fools Day, and if our nominees win in other categories, we’ll do everything possible to make sure they get their Foolies as well. So help us make it happen!

We can’t dictate how you vote, of course, but our RAN sample ballot is as follows:

Fossil Fool of the Year: Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America
Most Inauspicious Newcomer: Patricia Woertz, CEO of ADM
Lifetime Achievement: Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy
Biggest Human Toll: Gregory Page, CEO of Cargill
Outstanding Performance in Corporate Greenwashing: Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors

Help us make sure these fossil fools are recognized for their efforts to keep the world hooked on fossil fuels. To vote, and for the full listing and description of nominees, click here.