Vote early, vote often (for your favorite punked Chevron ads)

posted by Rainforest Action Network
Chevron spoof ad: Your mom doesn't live here
View the spoof Chevron ad gallery and vote for your favorites!

We have now fully entered the contest phase of our spoof “We Agree” ad campaign — meaning now is your chance to stick it to Chevron and be entered to win some fabulous prizes all at the same time!

We’ll be rewarding the creator of the best punked Chevron print ad with a framed copy of their creation signed by the Yes Men, and the top three will all be mass-produced and distributed to activists across the globe. The winner in the video category will have their punked Chevron TV ad featured on the homepage of Resources and submission form can be found on our “How you can punk Chevron” page.

Our voting system is in place and ready to start tabulating the most-beloved of the nearly 150 spoof ads that have been submitted so far. A few of my favorites adorn this very post, as you might have noticed, but these are a mere taste of the brilliance that awaits you in our gallery of spoof Chevron ads.

The best part is that our voting system uses Facebook’s “Like” tool, so you’ll not only be helping the creators of your favorite ads reach unimaginable heights of fame and glory, but you’ll also be spreading the word about our campaign to push back on Chevron’s outrageous attempts to gloss over its horrible environmental record.

Here are a few more of my favs to thoroughly whet your appetite:

Chevron spoof ad

Chevron spoof ad

Chevron spoof ad