US Fuel Economy Standard to Meet California’s Standard…and Ford likes it!

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Woo hoo! One of the great goals of Ford Motor Company just a few short years ago was to get one national standard rather than a ‘patchwork’ of state policies. At that time, RAN’s Jumpstart Ford campaign was partnered with Global Exchange and allies, and we told Ford: Fine, great, we’d love a national standard based on California’s rules. Instead, Ford lobbied and litigated against California and others states’ standards in favor of a weaker federal standard.

Today, the Obama administration announced new regulations for fuel efficiency that raise the federal standard to be on a par with the California state standard. And the great news for veterans from the old Ford campaign – now Ford’s CEO is pleased.

This following is a statement from Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally regarding President Barack Obama’s announcement of one national standard for fuel economy:

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 19. – “We are pleased President Obama is taking decisive and positive action as we work together toward one national standard for vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions that will benefit the environment and the economy. Today’s announcement signals the achievement of a crucial milestone – an agreement in principle on a national program for increased fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gases.

This national program will allow us to move forward toward final regulations that all stakeholders can support. We salute the cooperative efforts of the Obama Administration, the state of California, environmental groups and others that played a constructive role in this process.

The framework of the national program will give us greater clarity, certainty and flexibility to achieve the nation’s goals. We will continue to work with the federal agencies to finalize the standards that we are committed to meeting. ”