By Gabe Smalley

For over a year, Rainforest Action Network and our allies have been calling on PepsiCo to cut Conflict Palm Oil from its supply chain. The reason is simple: with an annual usage of 457,200 metric tons of palm oil, what Pepsi does has a huge impact on the climate, the rainforests of Southeast Asia, and the people and animals that rely on these forests for their lives and livelihoods. 

Pepsi could be a leader in sustainability, could rise above its competitors and do the right thing, but instead it has relied on half measures and a commitment with gaps big enough to drive a bulldozer through.

Activists have responded by increasing our pressure on Pepsi, with a global Day of Action this spring, events across the US this summer, and an active online push that’s ongoing. We’re organizing a Global Call-In Day on December 9th that you can join here. We won’t stop until Pepsi commits to cutting Conflict Palm Oil. 

That’s why this morning, hundreds of activists from Rainforest Action Network and Sum of Us went to the page of Pepsi’s new product launch, something it is calling “Pepsi True.” Conflict Palm Oil is “truly destructive,” and activists made that point clear with their comments, questions, and reviews on the page. 

Within a few hours, the page was taken down from, gone as if it never existed. Pepsi wants to hide its rainforest destruction, wants to delete its association with human rights abuses, wants to scrub away any connection it has to the extinction of the world’s last orangutans. 

But Pepsi can’t hide — not from the destruction that it refuses to eliminate from its supply chain, and not from activists like you. 

Pepsi hopes you’ll forget about its track record and just #LiveForNow. We’re not going to let that happen. Today we took down Pepsi’s product launch. On December 9th, thousands of activists around the world will launch a Global Call-In Day, demanding change. Let’s make sure Pepsi hears us loud and clear — we won’t stand for forest destruction for cheap snacks. Join the Global Call-In Day here. 

Want to see what scared Pepsi so badly? Here’s what trying, and failing, to launch a product without protecting forests looks like.