Temporary Restraining Order Extended to “Associates” of Coal River Mountain Defenders

posted by scott parkin

In the past couple of weeks, Massey Energy has put a restraining order on Mike Roselle, Rory McIlmoil and their associates for repeated direct actions on Coal River Mountain. The mining company is in the process of destroying the mountain and activists have put their bodies on the line various times to stop the blasting of the mountain.


Previously the restraining order applied to only those named on it, now a West Virginia judge has extended it to all associates of the activists.

Coal River Wind director Rory McIlmoil says that’s too broad and could cover thousands of people.

Hutchinson says that may be exactly what it means. He intends to stop everyone from interfering with coal production.

Appearing in court today, Roselle said ending the protests would mean losing the campaign and Climate Ground Zero and activists in Coal River Valley have no intention of losing the campaign.