Spring Break in Coal Country

posted by scott parkin

Things never stop happening around coal and Appalachia.

Wise County Va, Coal River Mountain, Harriman Tn, Meigs Oh and many other places are where that the coal companies, the utility companies, bankers and politicians have determined to be environmental sacrifice zones.

Rising up with a fierce resistance are front line communities, students, radical environmental networks and ordinary people who have had enough. Regular actions, meetings, trainings and camps are where this resistance converges to face down King Coal and his friends. It’s not stopping and only getting more organized.

Less than a week after thousands will converge on Washington D.C. and shut down the DC Capital Coal Plant, Mountain Justice Spring Break 2009 converges near Harriman, TN, the site of a recent toxic mining related disaster.

While many college students head to places like Myrtle Beach and Ft. Lauderdale to debauch and party their break away, many in the anti-coal and climate movements will head to Appalachia to work in solidarity with frontline communities devastated by the recent TVA spill.

This year’s Mountain Justice Spring Break will be taking place from March 7-15. Go to http://www.mjsb.org/ for more details.

Get Involved! Get Organized!

From their site:
From cradle to grave, the destructive process of mining and burning coal leaves whole mountains decimated, streams contaminated and communities endangered by toxic pollutants and mining related disasters.

Mountain Justice Spring Break 2009 will bring you face to face with the devastating effects of mountain top removal and the dirty coal industry – and give you the skills and knowledge you need to fight back! Through education, community service, speakers, hiking, music, poetry, direct action and more, you will join local communities in the struggle to maintain their land and culture.