Candymakers Nestlé, Mars, Hershey’s, and Mondelēz are still sourcing Conflict Palm Oil from a company destroying habitat and rainforest in the orangutan capital of the world. Demand they put an end to the curse of Conflict Palm Oil.

Chelsea Matthews headshot By Chelsea Matthews


Did I scare you? Well, I have a scary story to tell you, and the ending depends on YOU.

It’s just days until Halloween, and something evil is lurking where you’d least expect it… deep in the heart of the rainforest, an evil entity is destroying the homes of innocent forest creatures like orangutans and elephants. It’s burning the forest and planting alien seeds. It’s keeping little children out of school and forcing them to work long hours without pay or protection.

What could be so scary? Conflict Palm Oil production! Like a movie monster that just will not die, deforestation in the incredible Leuser Ecosystem is alive and well and worse: IT’S IN THE CANDY.


Hey, I’m as sad and angry as you are about this. Chocolate has been a good friend to me. But while candymakers Nestlé, Mars, Mondelēz and Hershey’s stand to make millions in profits this Halloween, what they haven’t done is demand that their suppliers cut ties with palm oil boogeyman PT SPS II.

Demand Candymakers Cut Conflict Candy
An adult male orangutan is carried out of a small pocket of forest after being tranquilized in Tripa, Aceh Province. Photo: Paul Hilton

Thousands of hectares of the orangutan capital of the world have been destroyed inside the PT Surya Panen Subur II (PT SPS II) palm oil concession. Even after the government of Indonesia imposed sanctions on this notorious company, satellite imagery shows that rainforests continue to fall. And to make matters worse, our field investigators have found that even more critical rainforest and habitat are being cleared right now by a handful of companies set to profit from new palm oil plantations.

Which means that this Halloween, Conflict Palm Oil is being used by Nestlé, Mars, Mondelēz, and Hershey’s — at the expense of rainforests — to make chocolates and candies for trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.

Demand candymakers cut conflict candy!
October 12th, lowland rainforests cleared in the Leuser Ecosystem for palm oil.

This is not how this forest is supposed to look; THERE’S A HUGE PIECE MISSING. And you know where it is? Yea, you know where it is: it’s in. the. chocolate.

And it’s not like this was cleared sweetly. Forest is cleared by that terrifying climate-destroying duo: bulldozers and fire.

So this is where YOU help decide the end of this horror story.

Only you can scare these candy manufacturers straight: tell them to drop Conflict Palm Oil from their treats! It’s just not worth the cost.

And boo on you PT SPS II!