Some pretty darn good tips for greening your money

posted by Josh Ran

Here’s a good post on Grist, ‘Any Portfolio in a Storm’ about environmentally friendly investing – or if you don’t have any investments, but might one day – where you can go to get advice on how to put your money someplace that doesn’t have hideous environmental, social and climate implications. Now, I do take issue with the fact that the very first piece of advice revolves around not getting printed receipts at the ATM – but mostly because from my perspective, WHERE you choose to bank is the most important factor in how green your money is (ahem no pun intended – obviously money is green, but you know, the other kind of green which apparently we’re now supposed to start calling ‘blue‘, but that’s fodder for a different post). But this article does actually cover that issue too and points people towards credit unions (my fave) as well as other green banks. The author doesn’t mention New Resources Bank here in San Francisco, but I recommend that any natives of this region check them out – they’re doing some great things.