So You Think You Can Be President?

posted by Josh Ran

My friend Jonathan McIntosh remixes videos. Specifically, he takes aspects of pop-culture and jumbles them around to make them accurate (and really funny). In his most recent video, the “So You Think You Can Dance” judges are far more honest (and tough) on the candidates stances on Clean Coal and Nuclear than the “real press” ever has been.

(if the youtube video isnt working, view it here:

This Sunday, Naomi Klein spoke about the elections at the Bioneers Conference. She said…

“Obama is a centrist, and never claimed to be anything different. So if he is elected, what do we do? We move the center.”

This idea of moving the center is crucial no matter who is elected. It’s our job to reframe the debate itself. As activists correctly put their energy into this crucial and historic election for the next two weeks, we need to keep our eyes on the prize in holding the new president accountable to what climate science demands – because both their climate policies are weak. And we know that we will be up against well funded and well coordinated assaults from the polluters and despoilers; a battle for the soul of the new president.

In social movements past, the boldness of grassroots voices has shifted the entire political spectrum in profound ways. Lets move the center.