Santa Delivers Coal to CEO at Bank of America Headquarters

By Rainforest Action Network

On Monday, Bank of America CEO Bryan Moynihan and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers were both delivered much-deserved lumps of coal by North Carolina activists with Rainforest Action Network and Greenpeace during the 2011 Economic Outlook Conference, presented by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

While one-percenters gathered for their $175-per-plate luncheon, more than 30 festively dressed Charlotteans serenaded attendees with Christmas carols modified to call attention to Bank of America and Duke Energy’s destructive funding and burning of dirty coal, practices which cause severe damage to human health and the environment.

As carolers in white beards and Santa hats sang a Rudolph-inspired ‘Brian the Big Coal Funder’ tune, RAN organizer Todd Zimmer explained, “Brian Moynihan and Bank of America have given billions of dollars to the coal industry to blow up mountains, poison our air and water, and worsen climate change. For this bad behavior, they deserve nothing more than a giant lump of their own coal.”

RAN and Greenpeace Activists Dressed as Bank of America and Duke Energy CEOs Present City of Charlotte, NC with Giant Inhaler

While CEO Jim Rogers mocked customers’ resistance to Duke and BoA’s arbitrary fees and rate increases inside, Charlotte activists playing the two naughty CEOs presented a Christmas gift to the city: a giant inhaler wrapped in a big red bow. Protestors gave the dirty energy executives lumps of coal in return, before launching into a round of “We Wish You a Coal-Free Christmas.” Eventually, the Santa-clad protestors moved uptown to the Bank of America Corporate Center, where they caroled, gave out lumps of coal, and engaged with passersby, many of whom pledged to close their Bank of America accounts on the spot.  Ho ho ho, dirty CEOs!