REVEL 2013: Brilliant Moments in Tweets and Pics

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network’s annual flagship gala REVEL is known to be an absolute riot. Environmental glitterati, non-profit superstars, and hardcore activists get all gussied up and rock out to benefit RAN’s work around the world. And this year’s REVEL—set for the third year amidst the dramatic and elegant California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park—sold out before the evening began.

Anna Hawken and Friends
Don’t let the formal wear fool you, these women know how to party.
Pandora Thomas and Anna Lappé
Brent Maness, RAN Communications Manager Laurel Sutherlin, and activist Duane Martinez
Brent Maness, RAN Communications Manager Laurel Sutherlin, and activist Duane Martinez

The Africa Hall at Cal Academy was laid out in beautiful bright orange and gold Asian fabrics. The scene was set for the donor dinner and auction where raucous old school hellraisers from Randy “Hurricane” Hayes to Ginger Cassady to Mike Brune to Scott Parkin mixed with (slightly) more civilized Bay Area eco luminaries like Nadine Weil, Michael Kieschnick and Liza Pike.


The rockstar MC of the night—RAN alum and NARAL President  Ilyse Hogue—brilliantly wove together the procession of champion keynote speakers including sustainable food experts Anna and Frances Moore Lappé, RAN’s new executive director Lindsey Allen, and board chair Andre Carothers with special surprise appearances on stage by Modulus Guitars CEO Michael Klein, RAN co-founder Randy Hayes, and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans.


Anna Lappé, author of Diet for a Hot Planet



Frances Moore Lappe
Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet

 REVEL 2013 featured a stunning concert by Cuban revolutionary singer/songwriter Carlos Varela and his special guest, folk legend Jackson Browne. The two have played together for years and their chemistry and love for each other was crystal clear. What an honor to see these two legends in such an intimate setting!


Carlos, Jackson, and their virtuoso band captivated the audience.
Neema Namadamu, Dave Henson and Friends
Congo’s visionary peacemaker Neema Namadamu, OAEC co-founder Dave Henson, and friends

The REVEL photobooth is always a hotspot for shenanigans…neither the majority of revelers nor RAN’s own development director Jeri Howland were immune to the silliness.



The night wrapped up in an explosion of energy, great beats and lyrics that spoke directly to our movement with Oakland’s own Earth Amplified. Props to the revelers that burnt the midnight oil on the dancefloor (including Anna Hawken, Duane Martinez, Allan Badiner, and Lifted Spirits‘ herbal mixologist Mateo Sluder), as they had the extraordinary opportunity to see these brilliant MC’s rock the Cal Academy stage.

Earth Amplified—Oaktown’s finest conscious hip hop act—rocked it!

Once again, REVEL brought us all together in a celebration that both stoked the fires of our hearts as well as our capacity to do what must be done for forests, communities and climate on this rapidly changing planet we call Earth.

Very special thanks to the women behind it all at Organic Events. We couldn’t have done it without you!