RAN’S Greatest Hits: 1985-2010

posted by Rainforest Action Network

RAN's Greatest Hits 1985-20101985 began with the swearing in of Ronald Reagan for his second term as President of the United States. It was a flash point in our democracy marked by massive deregulation of corporations and unprecedented environmental rollbacks.

1985 was also the year that Randy Hayes and Mike Roselle founded Rainforest Action Network, an organization that has made challenging corporate power a centerpiece of its hard-hitting campaign strategy to protect the world’s ecosystems and defend the rights of Indigenous peoples.

By blending traditional activist tactics with nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience, Hayes and Roselle helped catalyze a movement of grassroots activists to take on some of the largest and most destructive institutions in the world, a risky departure from traditional activist tactics that focused on the political and legal systems.

25 years later, RAN continues to take bold action to hold corporations accountable in the marketplace. Our 2010 Annual Report: Greatest Hits 1985-2010 is a living example of this tradition as well an insider’s look at our accomplishments over the last 25 years and how our campaign strategy continues to evolve to meet new challenges. It is also a tribute to all of our activists, supporters and allies who have helped make our victories possible.

Today, our work remains more important than ever before, and despite increased threats posed by corporate power to our our environment, health, climate and democracy, we will continue our tradition of pushing the corporate sector to take bold steps in support of forests, the climate and human rights.