Protest Chevron on Earth Day in San Francisco!

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As I mentioned in my post on Thursday, “Justicia Now! Shame on Chevron”, Chevron is getting desperate with its PR punches. Last week, Chevron launched a PR campaign denouncing Goldman Environmental Prize winners Luis Yanza and Pablo Fajardo from Ecuador. Even though Texaco, now Chevron, is responsible for the social and environmental disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon, it would like everyone to believe that it’s Petroecuador’s responsibility. See Wall St. Journal Op-Ed.

We don’t buy it! Join RAN and our allies in protesting Chevron’s recent attacks on the environment and environmentalists!


Protest Chevron’s Attack on the Environment and Environmentalists!
Expose the crude reality of Chevron’s inHumane Energy operations from Richmond to Ecuador.

TIME: 12:30pm, Tue. April 22nd
PLACE: Market and Sansome (in front of E-Trade)

March to Chevron SF office at 345 California St.

From Richmond to Ecuador, Alberta to Burma, Chevron is profiting off of human lives and the environment, leaving waves of cancer and asthma in its wake.

In Richmond, rather than cleaning-up one of the oldest refineries in the country, Chevron is seeking to retool the machinery so it can process heavier grades of crude oil likely coming from Alberta tar sands and release more highly toxic, cancerous pollution in the Bay Area.

And in Ecuador, Chevron created what experts believe to be the worst oil related disaster on the planet, deliberately dumping more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rivers and streams of the Amazon.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out Chevron’s Amazon Abu Ghraib

For more information on the event please call 415-487-9600 or email

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